Botica di Servicio

Botica di Servicio is a pharmacy that offers personal medication, beauty products, and cosmetics. We have an outstanding group of health care professionals and committed employees all focused on providing exceptional, personalized care to our clients.

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  • Expert advice from our pharmacists
  • Time for your opinion and wishes
  • Always friendly staff and quickly helped
  • Upgraded service level
  • Second largest pharmacie on Aruba
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Botica di Servicio Eagle
Caya Punta Brabo 17 +297 6408443
Botica di Servicio Maria
Santa Cruz 52-B +297 6408443
Botica di Servicio Noord
Noord 82 +297 6408443
Botica di Servicio Seroe Preto
Weg Seroe Preto 25 +297 6408443
Botica di Servicio Palm Beach
Irausquin Boulevard 384 +297 5861717